Facilities Rental


Pricing is based upon the type of use (meeting vs. weddings) along with the type of user.


$200 deposit at time of reservation. $100 non-refundable if reservation is cancelled 30 days before the event. $100 refundable cleaning/damage deposit may be refunded at the end of the event.

User Groups

Group 1 – Meetings of community, non-profit organizations, service groups, plus educational and governmental agencies

Group 2 – Weddings, receptions, and special events held by private business, commercial, or political groups, family events and all social or fundraising events.
Fresno Flats Historical Village and Park
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Rates Range From $395 For rental of the entire facility (if you are non-profit) to only $25/hour for the Schoolhouse, gazebo and picnic area.

Contact us for specifics related to your event:

Call: (559) 683-6570
Email: fresnoflatsmuseum@sti.net

Group Tours Available