Taylor Log House

The centerpiece of the park is the log home of William and Margaret Taylor, circa 1870, the oldest building in the museum complex. The so-called “two-pen, dogtrot” design, which originated in the Ozarks, once was common throughout Northern California where timber was readily available. Its simple construction consists of two rooms, separated by a breezeway or “dogtrot.” One side was a kitchen/dining room/family room and the other the parents’ bedroom, each heated by a fireplace. Children slept overhead in an unheated attic that ran the full length of the house, accessible only by a ladder in the breezeway. 

In restoring the building, SHSA volunteers have recreated in the eastern room the office of the region’s first forest ranger, Boot Taylor. This room also holds a display of the tools of the type used when the house first was built, some of which were used in the restoration. -- click here for image gallery